What is Chronolator Enter?

Chronolator Enter is one of the Chronolator Browser Tools. It works in a Web browser to enter events into chronologies used in simple and complex investigations.

It is important to note that only the software resides on the Web. The chronologies themselves stay on your computer, completely under your control. Their confidentiality is not compromised.

If you want to get started straight away, jump to Familiarising Yourself.

The tool is automatically updated from time to time. See What's New for details about each version.

What other Chronolator Tools are there now, and what are coming in future?

There are currently four tools:

  • Define is used to set up a new chronology, and (if licensed) to create and set a Document Licence.
  • Enter is a simple and easy to use way to enter events into a chronology.
  • Integrate merges individual chronologies from different sources.
  • Review helps reviewers to understand and analyse the events contained in one.

Chronolator started life in 2000 as a Microsoft Word application. Since then, technology has moved on and the Chronolator Browser Tools have taken on most of its functions. A few minor features are yet to be migrated, so Chronolator for Word remains available, though not recommended for general use. A more modern implementation of it providing better integration with the Browser Tools is being investigated.

System Requirements



Chronolator Enter runs in any standards-compliant Web browser. Note that this means that Internet Explorer is not supported.

It is extensively tested in Windows Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and informally tested in Android Chrome and Mac Safari.


Given that it is intended to help produce and analyse potentially large and data-intensive chronologies, the tool is mainly designed for use on laptop- and desktop-sized screens. Some features might work on smaller screens, but this is not currently a major design goal.


Chronolator Enter is licensed software. You will be asked to review and accept the terms of a licence whenever you open a chronology. See Licensing for more details.

About this Help

This help documentation is designed so you can quickly learn about Chronolator Enter as a new user, or enhance your knowledge as a regular user.

You can view detailed descriptions of the buttons in the tool, and information about how to use them to accomplish various tasks.

You can take a tour of the main  features in the Familiarising Yourself topic.

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